Why Rosewater?

mun rose toner

You may have guessed it, but rosewater is my absolute favorite beauty product.  It has so many different uses and I see gorgeous results.  However, beauty products are not just about results for me.  I enjoy the process of taking care of myself, just as much as the outcome.

There's something about rosewater that is so satisfying.  The light essence of the rose can be detected when you spray it and the end result is a hydrated glow.

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What is rosewater?  It is made by steeping rose petals in water.  I use it in various toners (my favorites are listed below) that are a blend of rose water and other natural ingredients.

Read on for some of my favorite uses for rosewater:

- Rosewater helps to maintain your skin's pH balance, so using it as a toner after cleansing is a great prep for serums and oils.   It will also help to clear impurities from your skin that your cleanser left behind.  Simply mist onto a cotton pad and swipe over entire face.

- Because of rosewater's astringent properties of removing impurities, it can help to reduce breakouts and reduce pore size without drying your skin.

- Rosewater is a gentle exfoliator.  Exfoliation is so important for healthy skin.  The more we exfoliate and slough off dead skin, the more our skin cells turnover and renew themselves.

- The aroma is a mood enhancer.  Spritz face and body throughout the day to feel uplifted and increase hydration.

- Rosewater has hydrating and moisturizing properties.   I like to spritz onto a makeup sponge (like Beautyblender) or foundation brush (like Beautycounter) to help achieve a smooth + even foundation application.

- Rosewater has antioxidant properties, so regular use can help slow the process of fine lines.

- I like to set my makeup with a few spritzes for extra glow.

- On days when I am not wearing makeup, an oil or serum with spritzes of rosewater will do for a fresh face.

So many uses.  See why I love it?!

This one is THE BEST.  Pair it with this serum and you'll have the freshest around.

I have run through entire bottles of this one and this one.  

Also try this one, this one, and this pure moroccan rose water.

Have you tried rosewater?

xoxo, Lauren