Pearly Whites

charcoal toothpaste

I just have to share one of my recent favorite finds for you!  I am loving the Terra & Co Brilliant Black Toothpaste to help with stains on my teeth and restore them to a shiny white!  I have noticed such a difference in only a few days!  I actually noticed a huge difference with just the first use, but told myself I had to trial the product a few more times before posting my review ;)  

If you are looking for something to easily incorporate into your routine (without having to sit around with slimey bleach on your teeth), I really recommend the Terra & Co Brilliant Black Toothpaste Set!  I use the bamboo toothbrush for travel - as opposed to my Sonicare that I use regularly at home!

**I should also mention that I still use conventional toothpaste most of the time, due to extensive (and expensive) dental work that I've had to have done as a result of a bad bicycle accident.  I use this Terra & Co Toothpaste intermediately and mostly for cosmetic purposes.  Although, you can certainly use it as your only toothpaste.  As always, consult your dentist!**

xoxo Lauren