Summer Glow


As I am clinging more and more to my SPF (about time!), I really rely on getting my suntan from a bottle.  Of course, I love spending countless hours by a pool or on the shore – and soaking up that Vitamin D.  I am SUCH a summer girl.  The hotter, the better.  But, it’s simply not worth the cost of my skin.  You will learn that skin is a huge focus for my routine and while lobster-red is never a good look, it’s more important to care for the health of your largest organ!

Enter sunless tanner.


I apply True Natural Tropical Self Tan every few days and it is on par with all of the conventional tanners.  Its scent ranks far better than most others and is very light.  I also opt for the Dark shade, as I am impatient with my tanner and I do not want to have to apply it too often!  I have fairly light skin and it is not too intense.

I typically apply my tanner in the morning, after a shower.  I do not like to apply it too close to bedtime, as there’s an increased risk of streaking on your body and staining your bedding.  I apply the tanner after drying off from my shower and let it dry at least 20 minutes before getting dressed.  I haven’t had an issue with staining my clothes, but I will be more careful on days that I feel I might perspire.

I also love sunless tanner on my face.  I feel like it evens out my skin tone and I am much more likely to leave the house with less makeup on..or no makeup at all!

Happy Safe Sunning!

xoxo, Lauren

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Lauren Hull

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my dreamboat husband Jonathan and our giant red goldendoodle, Abraham Lincoln.  I am passionate about health and wholeness for women- mind, body + soul.

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