My First Vlog!

So,  I learned A LOT in making my first makeup tutorial video.  We can only go up from here   Overall, I thought some of you may find it helpful – so I decided to share it! Videos have been my #1 request from my friends and followers, so I could not disappoint!

In this video, I am highlighting two of my favorite brands – 100% Pure and Beautycounter.  The look I am showing is an everyday look that takes less than 10 minutes to apply!

100% Pure is a brand that I trust because they are committed to making quality, clean products.  They are 100% natural, 100% cruelty-free, 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins

Here’s the lowdown on my faves:

By now, you are all aware of my undying love for the 100% Pure BB Cream.  It is so good – full coverage, glowy, SPF.  I wear the Shade Aglow – it only comes in 3 shades, but if one works for you – you will LOVE this foundation.

Long-lasting Concealer in Golden Peach is my everyday concealer.  It is a full-coverage formula that resists oil, sweat, water and caking.  I wear it under my eyes and it has a glowy (not matte) finish – which is a non-negotiable for me when it comes to concealer.  I cannot stand a heavy, matte undereye concealer!  Make sure you check out the ingredients on this one – it’s literally made with peach, apricot and so many other natural ingredients!

I use my Pretty Naked II Palette pretty much every day – and everyone else must love it too because it has been Sold Out for quite some time!  100% Pure always has really pigmented shades- the blush and highlighter in the palette are no exception.  At 20% off, it’s the perfect chance to give this palette a try!

The Creamy Eyeliner is a staple in my makeup bag.  It goes on extremely smooth and has a rich black color.

The Black Tea Ultra Lengthening Mascara is a MUST for natural beauty lovers.  I keep this one on high rotation and it is one of the BEST mascaras I have EVER tried.  It is pigmented with black tea, cocoa and berry.  You can actually detect a hint of a berry scent on the wand!!  How’s that for natural?!

I love the Lip Caramel in Truffle.  I use it to create a stain that has a wash of color and tons of moisture!

I also used the following products from Beautycounter.  Beautycounter is a brand I trust because they have created The Never List – a list of over 1500 chemicals + toxic ingredients that they will not include in their products.  I also love that Beautycounter is passionate about the quality of the products that we put on our bodies and are making steps towards change for the industry as a whole.

Rosewater Mist – Clearly one of my all-time favorite products.  I use Rosewater to apply my makeup for a smooth + blended application, glowing appearance and added hydration.

Foundation Brush – I absolutely love applying foundation with this brush.  It is the perfect full, yet somewhat stiff brush to blend my makeup perfectly!

Bronzer – my duo is no longer available, but the Bronzer I use in it is Shade No. 1

xoxo, Lauren

Lauren Hull

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my dreamboat husband Jonathan and our giant red goldendoodle, Abraham Lincoln.  I am passionate about health and wholeness for women- mind, body + soul.

‘I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.’ – Elsie De Wolfe